Upcoming auction revives The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones rivalry

An upcoming auction is set to revive the old rivalry between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. 

Nate A. Sanders Auctions is auctioning off an instrument from each band, both of which were important in crafting each band’s sound.

The Stones’ instrument is one of Keith Richardscustom-made guitars. It was used during the Some Girls recording sessions, tour and music video. The guitar is signed by Richards and has a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, Schecter bridge and original equipment tuners. It comes with a letter of authenticity written by music historian Andy Babiuk.

The Beatles’ instrument is George Harrison’s first sitar, which he used during the recording sessions for “Norwegian Wood” and would lead to his further involvement in Indian music, culture and the Hindu religion. During Harrison’s January 1966 honeymoon with Pattie Boyd, he gifted the sitar to his friend George Drummond. The sitar is accompanied by two letters of authenticity, one from Boyd and one from Drummond. 

“These instruments are not just rare collectibles; they’re symbols of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones’ rivalry and mutual respect,” Auction owner Nate Sanders shares. “Each band pushed the other to greatness, and these pieces are a testament to their shared history and the music that still resonates with fans today.”

The auction opens at 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, April 25. The Richards guitar is listed with a minimum bid of $400,000, and the sitar has a minimum bid of $25,000. More info can be found at natesanders.com.

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