U2’s The Edge shares new music update: “We are firmly locked in the tower of song”

Earlier this month, U2 returned with a new tune called “Your Song Saved My Life.” As guitarist The Edge tells Rolling Stone, there’s more where that came from.

“We are firmly locked in the tower of song and working away on a bunch of new things,” The Edge reveals.

“I’m just having so much fun writing and not necessarily having to think about where it’s going to go,” he explains. “It’s more more about enjoying the experience of writing and having no expectations or limitations on the process.”

U2’s November has also included the 30th anniversary of their hit 1991 album, Achtung Baby. Having previously hit the road in support of The Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary, The Edge is open to bringing back the Achtung Baby Zoo TV tour three decades later.

“I would love that and I couldn’t rule it out,” The Edge says. “I think [Zoo TV] is such a current thought. Back then we were we’re dealing with the overload and kind of the whiplash of 24/7 news cycles, which hadn’t been known before. It was the overload of cable TV and hundreds and hundreds of channels.”

He adds, “Little did we know that that was just the beginning of this avalanche of channels to kind of draw your attention.”

However, The Edge cautions that nothing yet has been officially planned. “We haven’t actually got to the point of doing anything more than this kind of talk, but I wouldn’t rule it out again,” he says.

In the meantime, you can hear “Your Song Saved My Life” on the soundtrack for the new animated film, Sing 2.

U2’s most recent album is 2017’s Songs of Experience.

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