The Moody Blues’ John Lodge discusses positive message of his new solo single, “The Sun Will Shine”

Moody Blues singer/bassist John Lodge recently released a new solo single called “The Sun Will Shine” that’s available now via digital platforms.

Lodge says he wrote the uplifting, melodic tune last year at his home on the southwest Florida coast during the COVID-19 lockdown, as he contemplated better times that hopefully will follow the health crisis.

“[T]his song actually really wrote itself,” John explains. “I picked my guitar and it started playing this song, strangely enough. And as the song was going along, the lyrics were coming along at the same time as the melody.”

He continues, “I realized I was writing this song about a hypothetical person, but it really…was about life and all of us. And I soon realized, no matter really how you hide or how we see ourselves, the most important thing is to be positive.”

The veteran rocker says that after recording a home demo of the song, he sent it to keyboardist Alan Hewitt, musical director of his 10,000 Light Years Band backing group, who helped arrange the track.

The recording was then sent to the other members of the band, drummer Billy Ashbaugh, guitarist Duffy King and cellist Jason Charboneau, who added their parts separately.

Lodge also tapped his friend Jon Davison, current frontman of Yes, to contribute backing vocals. Lodge says Davison also engineered the sessions for both of their vocals and for John’s bass parts.

“The Sun Will Shine,” a remix of his 2020 single “In These Crazy Times” and a new instrumental called “Sunset over Cocohatchee Bay” will be released together on an EP titled On Reflection that Lodge says will be released in late 2021 or early next year.

Check out an animated video for “The Sun Will Shine” at Lodge’s official YouTube channel.

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