Talkin’ bout food: David Lee Roth’s a food critic now

David Lee Roth hasn’t been performing in a while and it looks like he may be trying out for a new gig – food critic.

The former Van Halen frontman just posted his own food review on Instagram, sharing his thoughts on Irv’s Burgers in Los Angeles. 

“Irv’s fun fact, like so many hard earned red, white and blue joints, it’s owned and operated by first generation Ukrainians,” Roth says in the post. “I don’t want to say Irv’s was on the funky side, but if you needed it, there’s probably still some John Belushi DNA under the toilet lid.”

Roth gives Irv’s props for its motif, noting it’s “very American, very red, white and Irv.”

“There’s a menu up there, barely visible. You can barely see it,” he says of the place, noting the food is “a veritable wheel of gastro turbulence, featuring extraordinary samples of nutritionally bereft fare so greasy and so good you want to hop the counter and just punch the f****** cook in the face.”

Irv’s Burgers has been around since 1946, with the original location opening in West Hollywood under the name Queens Burgers. It was one of the first roadside burger stands in Los Angeles.

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