Stevie Wonder calls for police reform following latest Minnesota police shooting

Stevie Wonder is among the many celebrities reacting to the death of Daunte Wright, who died in an officer-involved shooting over the weekend.

The “Superstition” singer penned a passionate letter on Facebook Monday to call for police reform, asking his followers, “How many more Black lives will be lost at the hands of police?”

“This is why we need police reform.  Why is the police chief making a conclusion after he refuses to discuss details,” he continued, referencing Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon‘s press conference, where he claimed the officer meant to discharge her Taser.

“A mistake???? How does this happen?? We need police reform,” continued Wonder. “Expired license plates?? We need police reform. Black people in this country are dying at the hands of police. Anybody confused?”

The 25-time Grammy winner recalled a similar incident where the roles were reversed — a Black officer involved in the shooting death of a white woman.

“I remember an accidental police shooting in Minnesota four years ago. A Black police officer accidentally shot and killed a white woman. The police officer immediately stated it was an accident and apologized to the family,” he described. “He was tried and convicted of 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter.”

The officer, Mohamed Noor, claimed he shot in self-defense and was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison.

“Black police- white victim-justice was swift and stiff,” noted Wonder. “What will justice serve this time?”

Hoping that Wright’s family will “see swift and stiff punishment,” the singer claimed the “system need[s] reform” so that justice can be served.

Wright, 20, was stopped Sunday for an expired registration tag on a vehicle and was killed after trying to flee officers, who learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.

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