‘Stardust’ reveals the David Bowie none of us knew

It’s David Bowie as you’ve probably never seen him before: The biopic Stardust, which is out today on streaming rental, shows the legendary rocker’s origins, and follows his first U.S. tour in 1971, as well as his creation of his glam alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

British musician Johnny Flynn plays Bowie in the movie, and he tells ABC Audio that it gives us a peek at the music icon before he was an icon.

“We meet David in 1971, and he really hasn’t he hasn’t made it yet,” says Flynn. “In fact, he sees himself as a failure. It was fun realizing just how shy he was and listening to radio interviews and hearing him kind of sound you know, so lost.”

Comedian and actor Marc Maron plays a record label rep assigned to help Bowie on a disastrous tour of America in the early ’70s. It was a slice of Bowie’s life about which he knew nothing.

“The thing that really surprised me the most was that like David Bowie was such a dork. He’s just like, you know, prancing around doing these mime shticks,” Maron tells ABC Audio. “It’s sort of like, ‘Dude, what’s going on with that?"”

By George Constantino
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