Santana’s Cindy Blackman Santana contributes solo song to new video promoting rainforest preservation

Santana drummer Cindy Blackman Santana‘s recent solo song “Mother Earth” is featured in a new video that promotes the Amazon Aid Foundation, which works to protect and preserve the Amazon rainforest.

The clip, which has been posted at the Amazon Aid Foundation’s YouTube channel, features footage of various animals that live in the rainforest, while illustrating the destruction humans are causing in the region because of fires, deforestation and more.

The percussion-heavy instrumental track appears on Blackman Santana’s latest solo album, Give the Drummer Some, which includes contributions from her husband, Carlos Santana, plus Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett, Living Colour‘s Vernon Reid and others.

Cindy is a longtime supporter of Amazon Aid Foundation, and the “Mother Earth” marks her inaugural project as one of the organization’s Artists for the Amazon program, which seeks to raise awareness about Amazon rainforest preservation and protection through the arts. Many scientists believe that deforestation of the rainforest is a factor in global warming, which may be the cause of such devastating environmental occurrences as the recent destructive forest fires in the Western U.S.

“I implore each and everyone, to make conscious choices to help support and SAVE our Earth’s lungs — the Amazon!” says Blackman Santana. “This beautiful life support system is vital and a key element in our very survival and quality of life. Mother Earth is calling you, please answer with love.”

Adds Amazon Aid founder Sarah duPont, who produced the video, “The burning we experience in the U.S. is connected to what’s happening in the Amazon — both scientifically and philosophically. Whether by arson or by climate change, these are the effects of exploitation of living systems. We need substantive shifts — in policy, in consumption, and in how and what we value.”

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By Matt Friedlander
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