Rush’s Alex Lifeson launches new amp line

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is helping fellow guitarists sound better. The rocker has just launched a new line of amplifiers handcrafted by Mojotone. 

The line, LERXST, features hand-built guitar amps and cabinets inspired by Lifeson’s five-decade career, offering players “a versatile tonal platform upon which to build their own sonic identity.”

Lifeson says he’s excited about the new line, noting, “It sounds incredible and it’s very handsome. … you’ll want to get one even if you don’t play guitar.”

The line is being launched with Lifeson’s signature amplifier, OMEGA, designed to the rocker’s specifications. It features power scaling and serial effects loops, footswitchable clean and lead channels, a switchable 50/25 watt power section and more. There’s also the CHI, a more compact 30-watt amplifier.  

“I’ve used more amps than Dr. Frankenstein did when breathing life into his creature, but the LERXST CHI is an awesome monster in its own right and one of the sweetest sounding amps I’ve ever heard,” Lifeson shares. “All the great character of the OMEGA in a cool, compact package that you don’t have to be a seven-foot monster to carry around.”

Both are available now, along with a range of guitar cabinets in multiple speaker configurations. More info can be found at

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