Rob Thomas rallies for special needs pets in emotional post about his ailing dog, Samy

Rob Thomas is preparing to say goodbye to his best friend Samy, his ailing senior dog, and is going above and beyond to make sure he’s comfortable.

“So our Samy has a host of problems. But the one that is the most pressing is his kidneys are failing,” the Matchbox Twenty frontman explained. “We know that this is what we are going to lose him to but we know we can buy some real time and give him a good quality of life.”

To keep Samy comfortable, Thomas gives his Pomeranian “IV fluids twice a day.”

“He just sleeps like an angel while we do it so it’s not something that makes him scared or feel bad and it truly helps and we see a more happy and engaged little guy when we do it,” said Thomas. 

The “Lonely No More” singer went onto explain the other health issues afflicting Samy, such as epilepsy, liver cancer and partial blindness, saying his pup has had special needs since the beginning.

Thomas, 48, then attested that a pet being labeled special needs is not necessarily a death sentence.

“If you have a special needs little guy or girl at home just know if you’re willing to put in some time you can keep them around and happy longer than you think,” the three-time Grammy winner encouraged.

Sidewalk Angels, the animal rescue Matthews and wife Marisol Maldonado founded in 2003, also offered words of encouragement to pet owners looking after elderly or sick animals.

“When many people hear that their pet is special needs, they become very scared and fear it’s a lost cause.   That couldn’t be further from the truth,” the foundation stressed. “With a little extra work and love, a special needs pet can have a long and happy life.”

By Megan Stone
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