Ringo Starr reveals his favorite Beatles song during recent ‘Late Show’ appearance

Ringo Starr revealed his all-time favorite Beatles song during an appearance on the latest episode of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which aired Friday.

Stephen Colbert asked the legendary drummer which Fab Four tune he prefers most as part of an installment the program’s ongoing “Colbert Questionert” segment, during which the host fires off 15 questions to a celebrity guest designed to help people “truly get to know” that star.

Asked which song he’d choose if he only got one tune to listen to for the rest of his life, Ringo replied “Come Together.”

Colbert then asked Starr if that was his favorite Beatles song, and Ringo responded, “Yeah. There’s lots of other favorites, but if you want one, ‘Come Together’ can’t be band.” He added, “I just think it worked perfectly with the band, and the song, and John [Lennon] being John. I love that moment.”

When Colbert pointed out that the song’s lyrics were “mysterious at times,” Starr answered, “Oh yeah. Weren’t they always?”

Stephen then suggested that the lyrics to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” weren’t that mysterious, to which Ringo cheekily shot back, with a laugh, “Which hand does he want to hold?”

Starr also revealed during the Q&A was that his favorite sandwich is a cheese sandwich, although he says that now it has to be goat cheese because he no longer eats “anything from the cow.”

Ringo also said he prefers apples to oranges, would choose still water over sparkling, and noted that his favorite smell is the scent of flowers, particularly stargazers.

Lastly, Starr was asked to “describe the rest of your life in five words,” to which Ringo responded, “It’s going to be great.”

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