Ringo Starr on asking Paul McCartney to write a song for his new EP, ‘Rewind Forward’

Ringo Starr is out with a brand-new EP, Rewind Forward, and it includes the new song “Feeling The Sunlight,” which was written by his friend and former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney.  

“We were Facetiming each other — we do that quite a bit — and I say, ‘I’m doing an EP. Write me a song,’” Starr tells Billboard in a new interview. “And he said, ‘OK.’ And he not only wrote it, he’s on bass, he’s singing on it. He’s all over it. He actually put his drums on it.” 

However, being that Starr’s a drummer, that contribution from McCartney didn’t stay on the tune.

“I wiped him off completely and did it myself. It would be like me sending him a track and I’m on bass,” Starr says. 

He adds he wasn’t worried that McCartney’s contribution to the EP would be a bad one, noting, “Well, he’d written me a couple of good songs, you know, like ‘Yellow Submarine.’ I thought, ‘He can do this."”


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