Report: Sony in talks to acquire Queen catalog for $1 billion

It appears as though Queen‘s catalog is still up for grabs.

There have been multiple reports that the beloved British rockers’ catalog of hits was being offered for sale, and Bloomberg reports that Sony, along with another investor, is looking to purchase it in a deal that could be worth $1 billion. That would make it the biggest deal of its kind, surpassing the $500 million Sony paid for Bruce Springsteen‘s catalog a few years ago.

According to the BBC, the deal is still being negotiated and may not end up resulting in a sale. If it does go through, it would cover all the band’s songs, plus its logos, videos, merch, publishing and more.

The BBC notes that Queen is more popular than Springsteen worldwide, boasting 52 million monthly listeners on Spotify as opposed to Bruce’s 20 million. The group’s company, Queen Productions Ltd., earned $52 million in 2022, the last year for which financial statements are available.

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