Queen’s Brian May upset fan concert videos are being pulled from YouTube

Queen’s Brian May wants fans to know the band is not responsible for their label, Universal Music, taking down YouTube videos of their recent Rhapsody tour with Adam Lambert

The guitarist shared a post from a fan account, which revealed that Universal and YouTube “are now coming for everyone who posts concert videos of Queen and Adam,” noting that most of their concert videos have been deleted. But apparently this was news to May.

“i’ve been watching this for a few days, and I’m very concerned,” May writes, sharing that he’s having management investigate “if there is a reason for Instagram and Universal suddenly becoming so Draconian.” 

“The decision to take these videos down certainly hasn’t come from us, the band,” he explains.

May then offered up Christmas wishes to his fans.

“In common with many of you, I don’t find it easy to come up to the level of frenetic joyfulness that is portrayed in the media as requisite for this time of year,” he writes. “But let’s all look around us, and look for ways to make other people’s Christmases as Jolly as possible. Apart form anything else, it’s good therapy!”

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