Queen selling pendants made from Roger Taylor’s cymbals

Queen fans can now own a piece of Roger Taylor’s drum kit and wear it around their necks.

The band has just unveiled a set of Taylored Spinner Pendants, a piece of jewelry made out of one of Roger’s Zildjian cymbals, offering up the tagline, “You heard it….now wear it!”

The spinners are individually handmade, and numbered with a silver and a bronze cut. There are three different designs offered: one with a car on it, another with a drum kit and a third, Radio Gaga, with a radio and the words “Ga Ga” engraved on it. 

Each pendant comes with a 24-inch sterling silver chain with a Jolly Roger logo and a certificate of authenticity signed by Taylor, which includes a photo of the rocker taken by his daughter.

They are available at queenonlinestore.com.

This isn’t the first time Taylor’s cymbals have been turned into jewelry. Last May fans had a chance to purchase Taylored Spinner Cymbal Rings.

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