Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters defended by son, who he fired

You’d think that working for your dad you’d have job security, but that wasn’t the case for Harry Waters, son of Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters.

Harry tells Rolling Stone that despite playing keyboard and organ for his father for 14 years, he was let go when Roger began work on his 2017 US + Them tour.  

“I think he just wanted a change of blood, something new, something fresh,” Harry says, calling it “pretty miserable.” “I’m not sure of his exact reasoning, but everyone except two people [keyboardist Jon Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster] got fired. But the other guys that got the sack weren’t his son, so it was doubly hurtful for me.” 

But Harry is still on good terms with his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame father and defends Roger against the criticism he’s received for his political views, along with accusations he’s antisemitic. 

“It’s just not true at all that he’s an antisemite,” he says.

Roger has also been criticized for some parts of his concerts, specifically where he dresses in what appears to be an SS officer uniform and flies an inflatable pig with a Star of David on it.

“He’s been doing that for 40 years. It’s satire,” Harry says. “He’s bringing to light all the evils of the world. But people confuse that and think he’s an antisemite, which is really stupid.”

As for whether he’ll ever work with his dad again, Harry shares,  “I don’t imagine it’ll happen again, but maybe. We’ll see.” 

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