Peter Frampton says he loved recording the audiobook version of his memoir; releases new Humble Pie cover

Last month, Peter Frampton released a new memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?, which delves deeply into the guitar great’s roller-coaster life and career. Frampton tells ABC Audio that the most enjoyable part of the project for him was recording the audio version of the book.

“The actual painstaking taping and writing and editing, and editing again, and it’s painful,” he admits with a laugh. “But the actual reading of the [book was]…a lot of fun.”

Reflecting on the experience, Frampton notes, “It was kind of like reliving it again, especially when you read something really emotional, whether it be happy or sad, out loud. And then, of course, I would do a couple of different accents for different characters in the book, ’cause I like doing voices.”

Frampton also recorded music geared especially for different segments of the book.

“[At the] beginning and in-between…a lot of the chapters, there is music illustrating musically where we’re at in the book,” he explains.

For example, when he was young, Frampton learned how to play “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” on the banjolele, so he recorded a new version of the folk tune on a ukulele for use in the section of the audiobook where he talks about that.

He also reveals that he recorded a new acoustic rendition of “From the Underworld,” a top-10 U.K. hit for his early band The Herd in 1967, for the audiobook. Peter says he’s considering releasing his new version as a free download.

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In other news, Frampton has released a new version of the Humble Pie tune “Four Day Creep” as a digital single. Peter recorded the track with keyboardist Rob Arthur and Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies frontman Mike Farriss.

The @PFramptonBand cover of Humble Pie’s “Four Day Creep” feat. @MikeFarrisMusic and @RobArthur63 is now available to stream on @AppleMusic and @Spotify! Listen here:

— Peter Frampton (@peterframpton) November 6, 2020

By Matt Friedlander
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