Pete Townshend says there wont be a Who final tour: “I was being sarcastic”

In March, Pete Townshend suggested The Who should maybe do one final tour before giving up the road, but now he appears to be backtracking on that idea.

Pete’s initial comments came during an interview with The New York Times, with the rocker sharing, “It feels to me like there’s one thing the Who can do, and that’s a final tour where we play every territory in the world and then crawl off to die.”

But in a new interview on the Sound Up! podcast hosted by Mark Goodman and Alan Light, Townshend suggests fans shouldn’t take him too seriously.

“I was being ironic. I was being British,” he says. “I’m not doing a farewell tour. I think I was being sarcastic about it.” 

Back in March, The Who played two shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust. They have no future dates scheduled, although Roger Daltrey does have some U.S. solo shows planned, starting May 6 in San Diego. A complete list of dates can be found

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