Paul McCartney posts cryptic social media messages believed to be about next solo album

It had been rumored that Paul McCartney was working on a third full-fledged solo album, following 1970’s McCartney and 1980’s McCartney II.  Now the rock legend has posted a series of messages on his social media pages strongly believed to be hints that the project is on the way.

The posts, which first began appearing on Sir Paul’s social media sites Monday, include a photo of the cherry bowl from the McCartney album cover with a caption that shows one die emoji, the image of a rose with three dice emojis as its caption, a pic of three mushrooms and three dice emojis, and a photo of three purple flowers and, again, three dice emojis.

In addition, the top of McCartney’s Facebook page features a video showing the McCartney album cherry bowl pic with a die being rolled on it and landing on the number three.

The McCartney and McCartney II albums featured Paul playing and singing nearly every part by himself, with the exception of some backing vocals from his late first wife, Linda. McCartney is believed to have recorded the rumored new album in a similar way.

McCartney revealed in a recent interview with the U.K. GQ that he’d been recording new music by himself during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I’ve been able to write and get into music, starting songs, finishing songs,” he told the magazine. “I’ve had a few little things to write and it’s given me the time to finish some songs that I hadn’t found the time to get around to…I’ve been recording using lots of hand wipes and disinfectant and social distancing.”

By Matt Friedlander
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