Mary McCartney got “chills” from Kate Bush’s Abbey Road doc contribution

While Abbey Road Studios is most associated with the Beatles, plenty of other artists recorded there, and that was an important point director Mary McCartney wanted to get across in her new documentary, If These Walls Could Sing, which debuts Friday on Disney+.

Believe it or not, Mary says her first memory of the studio has nothing to do with her famous dad, Paul McCartney, but with another artist entirely.

“I think my first sort of memory [of Abbey Road] is walking into the reception area when I was a little kid, probably like 6 or 7,” Mary tells Yahoo Music. “The reception area there used to have photographs of all of the musicians that had been there before, this beautiful gallery of pictures. And there was Kate Bush. … I really remember seeing that picture.”

Because of that, Mary felt it was important to have Kate in the doc — and this was before the resurgence of her song “Running Up That Hill,” thanks to Stranger Things. Mary says when she first reached out for an interview, Kate turned her down because she doesn’t do them. But Mary didn’t give up and eventually got Kate to record an audio clip for the doc.

“I heard it, and I got chills. … I literally couldn’t believe my luck,” Mary says. “It is one of the highlights of my life, getting to know Kate and being able to speak to her about her history there.”

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