Madonnas lawyers respond to lawsuit over late show start, say plaintiffs suffered no “injury”

Madonna‘s lawyers have filed a response to a lawsuit by two fans who are suing the Queen of Pop because she started her concert late. The lawyers argue that the plaintiffs haven’t proven they’ve truly suffered any kind of “injury” due to her tardy start.

The fans complained that the tickets for Madonna’s show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, in December said 8:30 p.m., but Madonna didn’t get on until 10:30 p.m. In her response, obtained by ABC Audio, Madonna’s lawyers argue, “No reasonable concertgoer— and certainly no Madonna fan —would expect the headline act at a major arena concert to take the stage at the ticketed event time.”

Furthermore, her lawyers point out that one of the fans wrote on Facebook the following day that the show was “incredible, as always!” and neither of them indicated they left before the show ended.

The lawyers also point out that Ticketmaster informed buyers that “event date and time are subject to change.”

As for the “injury” the two fans claim to have suffered, Madonna’s lawyers say the lawsuit speculates that some fans might have had trouble getting a ride home at 1 a.m. or may have needed to wake up early the next day for work. However, the fans themselves do not claim that this happened to them personally.

“Indeed, Plaintiffs do not plead any injury that they themselves suffered by spending the night at an ‘incredible’ concert,” reads the response. As a result, Madonna’s lawyers are asking for the complaint to be “dismissed in its entirety with prejudice,” meaning it cannot be refiled.


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