Madonna sued by fans for starting DC show late, allegedly lip-synching

Madonna‘s already been sued by fans over the fact that she started her Brooklyn, New York, show in December 2023 two hours late. Fans in Washington, D.C., have now filed a similar complaint.

In the complaint, obtained by ABC News, three fans who attended Madonna’s show in December 2023 at D.C.’s Capital One Arena allege that not only did she start late, the arena was kept at an uncomfortably hot temperature and that she lip-synched during the show. They claim that, had they known about the latter, they wouldn’t have purchased tickets.

Lawyers for the fans claim that Madonna’s late start amounts to “false advertising,” while the arena’s uncomfortable temperature is “demonstrative of Madonna’s arrogant and total disrespect for her fans.” 

The complaint — a proposed class action suit — states that when Madonna took the stage two hours after the 8:30 p.m. start time on the tickets, she said, “I am not sorry, it’s who I am… I’m always late.” The complaint further alleges that when the hot fans chanted “A.C.” at Madonna, she replied, “F*** you! I’m cold!… If you’re hot, take your f****** clothes off!”

When Madonna’s lawyers replied to the original complaint regarding the Brooklyn show, they argued, “No reasonable concertgoer — and certainly no Madonna fan — would expect the headline act at a major arena concert to take the stage at the ticketed event time.” 

This new complaint calls that argument absurd, noting that acts like Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift start on the time indicated on the ticket.

In addition to false advertising, the plaintiffs are claiming “intentional and negligent misrepresentation and unfair and deceptive trade practices” and are asking to be “compensated for their damages.”

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