Julian Lennon blasts suggestion of feud with brother Sean Lennon

Julian Lennon is setting the record straight on any suggestion that he and his brother, Sean Lennon, don’t get along. 

Julian is the son of John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia, and Sean is the son of John and Yoko Ono. The subject of their relationship comes up in an interview with Esquire magazine, in which Julian talks about how neither he nor his brother wanted to go to the Get Back premiere back in 2021.

“He felt overwhelming pressure. And I didn’t particularly want to go. But he said he felt obligated to go, so because I love him so much I said, ‘Listen, I’m coming with you. We’ll face the demons together,’” he says. “And it’s funny because there’s always been, especially in the U.K. press, ‘Lennon Sons Feuding,’ this, that. We’ve never had a fight in our life. It’s such bull.”

Julian said he’s shared “lots of happy pictures” of him and his brother to show that love. “This was important for me and for the peace and for family, because there has been friction, no question, in the past between everybody,” he says. “But we’re all getting a bit older, and as we get older we lose people and we realize now what’s most precious in life.”

And that love extends not only to Sean and Yoko, but Paul McCartneyRingo Starr and all The Beatles‘ children. Julian says “it’s a big old, weird family. But as they say, families are always a bit screwed up.”

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