Jon Bon Jovi has “nothing but love” for “Livin’ On A Prayer”

Bon Jovi‘s been around for 40 years and frontman Jon Bon Jovi is still amazed at how successful some of their songs have become.

One of those tunes, the band’s #1 hit “Livin’ On A Prayer,” has over a 1.5 billion streams on Spotify. In a new interview with Music Week, Jon lets fans know he has “love, nothing but love” for the track.

“It evolves. But ‘Livin’ On a Prayer,’ ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Always’ have more than a billion YouTube [views]. It’s crazy what the catalog has done to touch people,” he shares.

Jon calls “Livin’ On A Prayer” “an anomaly beyond young, old, left, right, Republican, Democrat, black, white … It’s bigger than all of us could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams.”

He also believes “Legendary,” the first single off their new album, FOREVER, could be just as big.

“It’s just something about those big ballads that are fascinating, so there’s nothing but love for all of them,” he says.

FOREVER drops on June 7, and Jon is offering some insight into how he wrote one of the tracks, the ballad “I Wrote You A Song.”

“If you ever wonder where the inspiration comes from, let me ruin it for you,” Jon jokes in a new video. “I rolled out of bed, in the middle of the night, a notebook by the side of the bed, I’m laying on the floor with a pen, piece of paper and I write verbatim the entire first verse.” 

He relayed what he wrote to his wife and his friend Billy Falconer, and Falconer immediately suggested the title “I Wrote You A Song.”

He noted, “So, a man in his underwear can write a great verse in the middle of the night.”

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