John Fogerty thanks Roger Daltrey for covering his song in concert

When The Who‘s Roger Daltrey kicked off his solo tour on June 10 he included a cover John Fogerty’s Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” in the set list, and Fogerty took to social media to thank him for the tribute.

Fogerty shared a clip to social media of Daltrey’s introduction of the song, where he talked about Fogerty’s 50-year fight to get his publishing back. Daltrey added that he’s always been a Fogerty fan, calling him a “wonderful guy” and the “real deal.” 

“Thank you to my friend Roger Daltrey for celebrating with me!” Fogerty shared in the caption to his post. “Can’t wait for us to jump on stage together sometime soon.”

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening this weekend, as the two Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ tours will just miss each other. 

Daltrey brings his solo acoustic tour to Niagara Falls, Canada, on Friday, while Fogerty’s tour hits Bethel, New York, on Friday, playing the same venue Daltrey is booked to play on Sunday.

A complete list of Daltrey’s dates can be found at, while information on Fogerty’s shows can be found at

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