In new poem-turned-song “Get It Back,” Stevie Nicks urges fans to vote: “I am worried about every one of you”

Stevie Nicks seems to be in a very creative mood lately. First she released her cover of “For What It’s Worth,” then she joined pal Dave Stewart of Eurythmics to sing a song called “Face to Face” in support of Ukraine. Now she’s posted a poem on Instagram that she says she’s turned into a new song called “Get It Back.”

The poem, which was posted on Monday, is a plea for people to stand up for what they believe in by voting. Nicks writes, “Don’t close your eyes and hope for the best/ the dark is out there/ the light is going fast/ and all the rights you had yesterday are taken away.” 

The poem goes on to urge people to “stand up and take it back … you don’t have much time.” Stevie writes, “I wanna teach you to fight” before later urging, “Get mad/ It’s slipping through your fingers.”

In an introductory note to fans and “women of America, from 18 to 100 years old,” Stevie writes, “At 74 years old, I can honestly say that I am worried about every one of you. Worried about health care, and just in general, worried about your God given rights. You must gather together now. You must register to vote as soon as you can … and you must vote!”

Noting that the deadline for registering is Tuesday, October 11, in many states, Stevie points to “the disintegration of Roe v. Wade” as a reason that some may want to go to the polls.

“I watched what happened to women from 1966 … to 1973 when I was 2 years away from joining Fleetwood Mac,” she continues. “Believe me … you don’t want that world to come back.”

Stevie says she’s recording the song right now; no word yet on when it’ll be released.

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