Heart’s Ann Wilson releasing vinyl EP featuring songs she recorded with her early band The Daybreaks

Ann Wilson will release a limited-edition 10-inch vinyl EP this summer featuring four songs she recorded in 1969 with her pre-Heart band The Daybreaks.

In a post on her official website, Wilson explains that in late 1968, The Daybreaks agreed to record a few tunes by a couple of country songwriters in return for some studio time.

Ann notes that on January 9, 1969, the band entered Seattle’s Kearney Bartons Studio and recorded four tracks. Two of the tunes, “Standing Watching You” and “I’m Gonna’ Drink My Hurt Away,” were written by a songwriter named Mary Wadkins, while a third, “Wonder How I Managed,” was penned by Vern Erickson. The fourth song, “Through Eyes and Glass,” was written by Ann and her sister Nancy.

Recalling the session, Wilson writes, “These are my first recordings which only sold a handful of copies, but it was the start of my career. We recorded this in a tiny studio in downtown Seattle under the Monorail. It may as well have been Abbey Road because we’d never been in any recording studio before.”

She adds, “The session came about because we were helping my friend Chris Blaine with a country band. That band only had a few songs, and there was a little time left in the day they’d booked, so we cut the three covers, and snuck in an original song of our own.”

The tracks originally were released in 1969 on two 45-rpm singles by the Topaz Records label under the moniker Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks.

The Daybreaks EP, which is pressed on splatter vinyl, is expected to be shipped on July 21. Those who pre-order the disc will receive a digital download of the tracks within 48 hours.

Here the track list of The Daybreaks EP:

Side A
“Standing Watching You”
“I’m Gonna’ Drink My Hurt Away”

Side B
“Wonder How I Managed”
“Through Eyes and Glass”

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