Graham Nash & Stephen Stills remember David Crosby on his birthday

Graham Nash and Stephen Stills both paid tribute to their late bandmate David Crosby on Monday, August 14, which would have been Crosby’s 82nd birthday.

Nash posted to Instagram a black-and-white picture of them performing, writing, “What to say besides how much I miss him? Thinking of you, David. Remembering these moments, the smiles, the laughter… the music.”

Stills posted a photo of Crosby playing guitar and remembered him with a poem. It read, “When I was a young man I found an old dream, Was as battered and worn a one as you have ever seen. But I made it some new wings and painted the nose, And I wished so hard up in the air I rose, singing… Carry me above the world.” 

At the end Stills added, “Remembering @thedavidcrosby today and every day.” 

Crosby passed away January 18, following a bout with COVID-19.

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