Gene Simmons on KISS’ new deal with Pophouse: “Nothing is being handed off”

KISS recently announced they’ve sold their music catalog, as well as their brand name and likeness rights, to Swedish entertainment company Pophouse. But Gene Simmons wants fans to know this doesn’t mean he and bandmate Paul Stanley will no longer be in control of what happens with the band.

“Nothing is being handed off,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer tells ABC Audio. “A mother may give birth to a child, but you never stop being a mother whether the child gets married or not.” He adds, “I’m proud to say that Paul and I have met kindred spirits in Pophouse. Creative dynamic visionaries, really.”

Pophouse is the company behind ABBA’s Voyages hologram show. It will be the company developing KISS’ upcoming avatar show, planned for 2027, and Simmons is confident fans will be blown away by the final product.

“Let me just say that we are at the forefront and are going to be doing things that are already in development, like nothing people have ever seen or heard,” he says. “You won’t believe, I’m telling you, no hype. You won’t believe what’s going to happen.”

And despite KISS saying goodbye to the road in December, Simmons insists there’s still a lot more fans can expect from the band. 

“I mean, the end of KISS is the beginning of KISS,” Gene says, noting that embracing all this technology is going to be a big part of keeping the legacy alive for old and new fans. 

He explains that the plan is to use artificial intelligence to “control and keep intact our personas,” sharing, “You don’t want the beginning of KISS in this new world to become something unrecognizable to what it originally was.”

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