Dionne Warwick says “it’s about time” Black women are recognized by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

On Monday, Dionne Warwick participated in a video Q&A session with Billboard, where she answered a series of questions from Twitter fans.

When asked about her recent nomination for the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, Warwick says she was “thrilled” to see other Black women be nominated as well.

“It’s about time for some of these ladies who I thought should have been there,” said Warwick. “How could Tina Turner not be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I’m thrilled that Chaka Khan [was nominated], who should have been there long time ago and it’s wonderful that Mary J. Blige is even nominated.”

Warwick was right about Tina — she was inducted in 1991 with Ike and Tina Turner, but not as a solo artist.

“So yes, I’m thrilled. It’s long overdue and it is about time,” she continued. “I’m very happy to have also been nominated. I sure hope you’re voting for me.”

Responding to a fan who asked if she had ever been “starstruck,” Warwick admitted she was “flustered” when, as a young girl, she met acting vet Sidney Poitier

“Ok I gotta tell you a story. I stalked Sidney Poitier,” she began. “I was coming from a recording session and happened to be walking on Broadway…in New York City and in front of me was walking Sidney Poitier. I cannot tell you how flustered I got. I mean such a gorgeous man you’ve ever seen in your life, at that time.”

Warwick recalled walking behind him before he, “turned around and said, ‘little girl, what do you want?"”

“I was flustered. I couldn’t even talk,” she added. “I finally got out, ‘Could you give me your autograph? and he did. I still have that photograph by the way. Subsequently, every time I see Mr. Poitier or Sir Poitier…the first thing he says is, ‘Do you want my autograph little girl?"”

By Rachel George
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