David Gilmour on possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion: “I’m done with it”

Pink Floyd fans still hoping for a reunion tour may want to finally let go of that dream following comments singer/guitairst David Gilmour made in a new Guitar Player interview.

Asked whether there might ever be another “act” to the band’s career, Gilmour answered, “No. I’m done with it…[I]t has run its course…and it would be fakery to go back and do it again.”

Having said that, the 75-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer noted, “[T]hose years [with Roger Waters] in what is now considered to be our heyday were 95 percent musically fulfilling and joyous and full of fun and laughter. And I certainly don’t want to let the other five percent color my view of what was a long and fantastic time together.”

Gilmour also noted that he feels it “would just be wrong” to do a Floyd reunion without founding keyboardist Rick Wright, who died of lung cancer in 2008.

“I’m all for Roger doing whatever he wants to do and enjoying himself and getting the joy he must have had out of those Wall shows,” David added. “But I absolutely don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go and play stadiums. I’m free to do exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it.”

Gilmour also reflected on the band’s historic 2005 reunion at the Live 8 festival, saying he “thoroughly enjoyed it,” while admitting that tensions arose with Waters during rehearsals.

“We made suggestions and Roger made suggestions, and I didn’t care for Roger’s suggestions,” David recalled. “In the end, I thought, ‘Actually, we’re Pink Floyd and he’s our guest, and he can just do what we tell him to do or f*** off."”

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By Matt Friedlander
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