Carlos Santana teams with son and nephew for new song “Energía”

Carlos Santana has teamed with his family for a brand new song. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has just released the tune “Energía,” which features his son Salvador Santana and his nephew Jose Santana along with Orlando Torriente and Piero Amadeo Infante

“Being part of this project is an incredible honor,” Jose shares. “We’re infusing our individual experiences and influences to create something that is truly magical and connects with people on a deep spiritual and uplifting level.”

Jose notes that the song was written to help their friend, the song’s co-executive producer David Richardson, while he was in a Covid-related coma.

“It was about sharing and sending love and light to a long-time friend that literally woke him and saved his life,” he explains. “The spirit we sowed into those lyrics and that energy caused my Uncle Carlos to also be moved and compelled to create something bigger than us and to set it free to help our community near and far feel that energy and let it heal and uplift your soul.”

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