Bonnie Tyler celebrates her 70th birthday today, says “in my head I’m in my 40s”

Bonnie Tyler, the raspy-voiced Welsh singer best known for her hits “It’s a Heartache,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Holding Out for a Hero,” celebrates her 70th birthday today, June 8.

In honor of the milestone, Tyler has posted a video interview on in which she reflects on reaching the big 7-0.

In the video, which was recorded before Tyler’s birthday, Bonnie discussed how she felt about aging, noting, “I remember asking my mother when she was in her 70s…’What’s it like when you were in your 70s, Mom?’…’I only feel I’m in my 30s,’ she said. So I’m like my mother…I think I’ve done so much in my life…and I’m 69 at the moment, but in my head I’m in my 40s.”

As for her life so far, she declared, “I’ve had a blessed life…and I’m still having a wonderful life.”

Tyler also revealed that, after not being able to play concerts for over a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s “fired up now and ready to get out there and to do all of the touring.”

She admitted, “[S]ometimes I used to be like, ‘Not another gig,’ you know. And you suddenly realize, hang on, I’d do anything to get on a plane and be there with the band.”

Regarding her hopes for the future, Bonnie said, “You can’t wish for anything better than good health, please. She added, “I’m not going to retire, you know. I’ve got no inclination about retiring. So as long as I’m healthy, I’ll be on the road somewhere.”

Tyler released her latest studio album, The Best Is Yet to Come, in February. Check out a lyric video for her recent single, “Dreams Are Not Enough,” at her official YouTube channel.

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