Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi shares news on box set, new music and more in New Year’s message

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi is teasing some new projects for 2024. The rocker shared a New Year’s message with fans on Instagram, where he looked back on all that happened in 2023 and shared some news on what to expect in the coming year.

One of those projects is one he actually discussed in his New Year’s message last year: a Black Sabbath box set featuring all five of their studio albums with vocalist Tony Martin.

“Well, now I’ve been informed that it’ll be out in May, it’s been held up with paperwork and legal stuff,” he said. “But anyway, it’s coming out in May now, if you’re interested, and I hope you are.” 

Iommi also talked about the Black Sabbath ballet by the Birmingham Royal Ballet, which opened in 2023, noting it may be coming to other cities in 2024.

“We had a lot of Sabbath fans come in, who really enjoyed it,” he said. “So, hopefully next year – or this year, of course, by the time you get this message – they’re talking of taking it to America and Europe. So hopefully that’ll happen, and everybody can get to see it.”

And he teased possible new music. “I am writing and doing plenty of stuff and it’s sounding really good. I’m very happy with it,” he shared, adding, “I might use some orchestration, I might not. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Finally, he offered, “Anyway, have a great new year and all the best to you all.”

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