At Daryl Hall’s request, judge agrees to block John Oates’ attempt to sell his share of their partnership

Score one for Daryl Hall in his legal battle with John Oates.

Following a hearing Thursday morning in Nashville, a judge agreed with Hall’s request and issued a temporary injunction against Oates selling his shares of their joint venture, Whole Oates Enterprises LLP. Hall accused Oates of going “behind [his] back” to sell his shares to Primary Wave Music without obtaining Hall’s permission.

The sale is blocked until a private arbitrator resolves the dispute, or until February 17, 2024, whichever comes first. The judge said the injunction is provisional, meaning it will not allow any further movement on the matter until the arbitrator is able to rule.

Ahead of the judge’s ruling, Oates filed a document, obtained by ABC News, in which he stated he was “tremendously disappointed” that Hall made “inflammatory, outlandish and inaccurate statements” about him.

Oates also claimed that Hall as been “unwilling to work with me to try to protect the … intellectual property that we spent decades building.” Saying that he has “no idea who or what” is motivating Hall’s actions, Oates says he’s “deeply hurt.”

Oates adds that he can’t publicly discuss the details, but says Hall’s accusations that he breached their agreement and “acted in bad faith” are not true.

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