“American Pie (Taylor’s Version)?” Don McLean doesn’t rule out a Taylor Swift collab

When Taylor Swift‘s 10-minute version of “All Too Well” topped the Billboard Hot 100, it set a new record for the longest song ever to hit number one — a record previously held by Don McLean‘s classic 1971 hit, “American Pie.”  But no hard feelings: McLean says he’d even be open to a Taylor Swift collaboration.

As previously reported, after “All Too Well” broke the record, Taylor sent a bouquet of flowers to McLean, along with a sweet note.  Now, the singer/songwriter, 76, tells People magazine that as far as working with Taylor in the future, “Anything is possible, if it’s done the right way. I’m always interested in doing anything.”

“Taylor takes the whole new form of entertainment to the peak by making these phenomenal videos and records and doing these massive tours that are successful, and so on and so forth,” McLean notes. “It’s really good for young people who want to get into this business.”

“You can make it as a singer with a guitar if you figure out what Ed [Sheeran] did,” he explains. “And you can make it as a major rock and roll force of nature, which is what I call Taylor Swift, if you want to do that.”

McLean is currently scheduled to kick off a tour in January that will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his American Pie album and its title track.

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