Alice Cooper helps launch creepily comic new card game, HorrorBox

Alice Cooper is helping make this year’s Halloween potentially spookier and more fun by partnering with the FITZ Games company to launch a new horror-themed comic card game, called HorrorBox.

HorrorBox was co-written by a team of horror fanatics, with input from the legendary shock rocker himself. The game features a series of question cards with queries such as “Pennywise tricked me by…” and “The tenth circle of hell is for…,” as well as answer cards with fun responses like “Setting up my haunted house as an Airbnb.”

In addition, dare cards are interspersed with the question cards, prompting players to “drink something that looks like blood,” “knock on your neighbors door and say you’re next” or other creepy activities.

HorrorBox, which is available now, can be played in person or via video chat.

The main game is priced at $25, and features 420 cards. A special Alice Cooper “expansion pack” also can be purchased boasting 40 more cards, all written by Alice himself. More themed expansion packs also are available, focusing on such scary subjects as aliens, slasher films, monsters, the supernatural, iconic horror characters, classic movies, modern movies and R-rated flicks.

“This is 2020, which means all things are upside down and backwards,” Alice says in a statement. “You’re going to be staying home a lot, so why not play HorrorBox. It’s something totally new, fun for everyone. I helped write a lot of the stuff in it. You will become The Addams Family, if that’s a goal in your life.”

Alice has posted a humorous video showing him unboxing the game on his official YouTube channel.

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By Matt Friedlander
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