AC/DC premieres behind-the-scenes video about the making of their “Shot in the Dark” clip

AC/DC has debuted a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video for the band’s new single, “Shot in the Dark,” at their official YouTube channel.  The clip includes several brief scenes featuring guitarist Angus Young and singer Brian Johnson discussing the song and the music video.

Early on, Young comments about wearing his trademark schoolboy uniform in the video, noting that when he puts it on, “then I’m the other guy,” meaning his over-the-top rocking persona. Johnson adds, laughing, “Clark Kent.”

Young then remarks that he thinks “Shot in the Dark” is “powerful,” while Johnson adds that it’s “a vindaloo of a song,” referring to the extremely spicy Indian dish.

Meanwhile, Johnson notes about AC/DC’s new music, “I think the world’s ready for another bout of rock ‘n’ roll, you know. ‘Cause it’s always been there. It’s just, with that many dancers on the stage…you couldn’t get on.

The clip also features glimpses of the group performing “Shot in the Dark” on a black stage with a giant neon version of the AC/DC logo behind them, as well as footage of the band members getting their photo taken.

Another segment focuses on how two small cameras were attached to Angus’ guitar to create some unique shots. Longtime AC/DC video director David Mallett and Angus talk about how they tried a similar shot for the “Thunderstruck” video, but they used only one camera that was much heavier than the one used for the “Shot in the Dark” clip.

“The end of the guitar was so heavy that Angus was drooping,” Mallett recalls about filming the “Thunderstruck” clip.

As previously reported, “Shot in the Dark” will appear on AC/DC’s upcoming studio album, Power Up, which will be released on November 13.

By Matt Friedlander
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