AC/DC fans postpone campaign to get “Thunderstruck” to #1 for Christmas

AC/DC fans are no longer trying to get their 1990 track “Thunderstruck” to #1 for Christmas.

In November, in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary, the Facebook fan group AC/DC We Salute You launched a campaign to get “Thunderstruck” to top of the U.K. charts for the holidays. The group attempted a similar campaign in 2013, in honor of the band’s 40th anniversary, and got “Highway To Hell” to #4.

Now, the U.K. Official Charts report fans have decided to postpone the campaign to the week of January 4 so it won’t compete with Christmas tunes and has a better shot at the top spot. Organizers say they polled three different fan groups, and 83% agreed to the postponement.

“By choosing to delay by two weeks, we’ll also avoid being caught up in the Christmas songs that will no doubt be prominent the week after Christmas as well,” the page’s administrators told the Official Charts. 

They explain that the #1 is more about celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary than AC/DC actually earning the #1 at Christmas. Plus, they say they’d like to see the Pogues classic “Fairytale in New York” get the #1 spot, in honor of the recent passing of the band’s frontman, Shane MacGowan.

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