AC/DC fans launch campaign for U.K. Christmas #1

AC/DC fans want to help the rock band get to #1 for their 50th anniversary.

Back in 2013 for the band’s 40th anniversary, the Facebook fan group AC/DC We Salute You launched a campaign to get the classic AC/DC single “Highway To Hell” to the top of the U.K. chart, ultimately getting it to #4. Now in honor of the half-century milestone, they are trying again.

“We’re going to choose another track and see if we can get 3 places higher for their 50th anniversary,” they write. “Are you in?”

Not long after posting their new mission, a new public Facebook group, AC/DC for Christmas No. 1, launched with the aim of getting the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers the illustrious Christmas chart topper in the U.K. And the group quickly began to take off, now reaching over 1,000 members. 

The page notes, “What better way to celebrate AC/DC’s 50th anniversary than to stick them on top of the Christmas Tree!”

So far the Facebook group hasn’t chosen the song they want to focus on for the #1, but fans have already shared their thoughts. Among the suggestions: “Hells Bells,” “Long Way to The Top” and “Thunderstruck.”

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