1997 David Bowie live album, part of recently announced archival series, due out in January

Details have been unveiled about the forthcoming third installment of a recently announced series of six David Bowie live albums recorded during the 1990s.  The albums are being released both individually, as limited single-run pressings, and together in a limited-edition box set titled Brilliant Live Adventures (1995-1999).

The new installment of the series is LIVEANDWELL.COM, a 12-track collection featuring performances from three shows Bowie played during his 1997 Earthling tour in New York, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro. The album will be released individually on CD and as a two-LP vinyl set on January 15, 2021.

A 10-track version of LIVEANDWELL.COM originally was issued in 2000 as a limited-release available only to BowieNet subscribers. The expanded album includes two bonus tracks from the Amsterdam concert: “Pallas Athena” and “V-2 Schneider,” which originally were released in 1997 on a 12-inch single under the alias The Tao Jones Index.

LIVEANDWELL.COM features renditions of five songs from Earthling and five tunes from Bowie’s 1995 studio album Outside. The expanded edition boasts a new cover featuring a photo of David taken while he was rehearsing for a series of London concerts in June 1997.

The first two installments of the live series, Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas 95) [OOV-ray luh shYEN] and No Trendy Réchauffé (Live Birmingham 95) [RAY-shaw-FAY], were released individually on CD and as two-LP vinyl sets in October and November, respectively.

As previously reported, the Brilliant Live Adventures box sets, which are available on CD and vinyl, will be released by Christmas. The other three albums will arrive in early 2021.

The box sets and album can be purchased exclusively at Bowie’s official online store and the Rhino.com store, although the box sets currently are sold out.

Here’s the LIVEANDWELL.COM CD track list:

“I’m Afraid of Americans” (New York, Radio City Music Hall, 10/15/1997)
“The Hearts Filthy Lesson” (venue unknown, 1997)
“I’m Deranged” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, 6/10/1997)
“Hallo Spaceboy” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, 11/2/1997)
“Telling Lies” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, 6/10/1997)
“The Motel” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, 6/10/1997)
“The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, 11/2/1997)
“Battle for Britain (The Letter)” (New York, Radio City Music Hall, 10/15/1997)
“Seven Years in Tibet” (New York, Radio City Music Hall, 10/15/1997)
“Little Wonder” (New York, Radio City Music Hall, 10/15/1997)
“Pallas Athena” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, 6/10/1997)
“V-2 Schneider” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, 6/10/1997)

By Matt Friedlander
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