One-Minute Fox News updates are broadcast at the top of every hour on WLUS (US 98.3), WHLF (95-3 HLF), WKSK-FM (Rewind 1019) and WMPW (Country Legends 105.9) and at 20 minutes before the hour on WWDN (1045 The Dan).

Listener interest peaks during the hourly updates and your message will be adjacent to the updates.   Own some or all of the Fox News adjacencies:

  • Packages include a 15-second billboard after every newscast (“Fox News on US 98.3 is driven by ABC Motors. Visit us online at!”) followed by your 30-second spot
  • Two levels of ownership: Full Segment Exclusive (own all peak hours) and Individual Hours (own one or more Fox Newscasts per day) on a best-time-available basis
  • Three levels of commitment: 3-, 6- and 12-months. 5% discount for 6-months, 10% for 12-months

For more information, contact

  • WLUS:   Lisa Stafford, (336) 312-4136,
  • WHLF:  Nick Long, (434) 572-7377,
  • WKSK:  Joe Young (434) 917-5161,
  • WMPW and WWDN:   Mark Reid, (434) 203-6423,