Megan Thee Stallion seemingly responds after Tory Lanez addresses shooting allegations

Tory Lanez had a lot to say regarding the accusations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion… and she has seemingly responded.

On Tuesday, Lanez, 28, went on Instagram Live and continued to insist that he is innocent when it comes to the shooting case involving the “WAP” artist. His stance seemed to leave Megan baffled because shortly after he went on his rant, she fired off a tweet claiming that someone was “genuinely crazy.”

While she didn’t name anyone specifically, fans connected the dots and assumed that she was referring to Lanez. 

During Lanez’s rant, he not only maintained his innocence, but also said that he still considers the 25-year-old rapper a friend and that the claims against him are “false.” 

“For the last three months of my life, I’ve been in this place where I’ve been bashed, I’ve been cut through — just people every single day just coming at me, coming at me, coming at me,” he began.

“It’s crazy because the whole thing about it is — when this whole debacle, or whatever you call it, came about, the whole time was like … She knows what happened, I know what happened, and we know that what you’re saying and what the alleged things and the alleged accusations of my name is [sic] are not true,” he continued.

“It’s falsified information, it’s false information and it’s not accurate information,” the “Say It” rapper added. “I don’t ever wanna come off like I’m here to bash this girl or I’m here to talk down about this girl or ever be at a place where, like, I’m disrespecting her, because to me, as a person, she’s still my friend. No matter what — even if she doesn’t look at me like that — I look at her like she’s still my friend.”

Tory Lanez finally addressed the situation with Megan Thee Stallion and says that while he still considers Meg a friend, some of the claims that have been said about him are false ????????????

— Power 106 (@Power106LA) October 21, 2020

By Danielle Long
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