Working mom Meghan Trainor is “booked & blessed” — and getting M&M’s in the mix, too

Meghan Trainor is a working mom. Thanks to a huge deal she signed in March with NBCUniversal, she’s still very busy, but instead of touring, she’s able to go home every night to her baby son Riley.  “I’m super lucky,” she tells ABC Audio.

While Meghan and NBC are developing a sitcom for her to star in, the company also offered several other opportunities, which she jumped at. “So, now I’m the host of Top Chef Family Style and I’m going to be a judge on the Clash of the Cover Bands. And I’m just, like, so booked and blessed!” she says.

“And it’s crazy, because I always said out loud, like, ‘When I have a baby, I want to be home and drive to work and drive home to my baby and my family,"” she adds. “And that’s literally what I manifested and now I get to do, so I’m super lucky.”

Meghan is also taking on partnerships, like her latest with M&M’s to promote its new product, M&M’s Mix. On her socials, she’s sharing a cool video of three up-and-coming musicians who all collaborated on a new version of the classic song “The Candy Man.”  You can submit your own rendition for a chance to be featured on the Times Square Jumbotron in New York City.

Meghan laughs, “I would do this for sure if, y’know, I wasn’t a pop star already!”

Of course, it helps that Meghan loves the product, which features several different flavors of M&M’s mixed together in their own bag.  So what’s her dream mix?

“Oh, man…that’s like, what’s your favorite movie?” she laughs. “The pretzel’s a good one! So I’d do the milk chocolate — because I’m an original gal — the pretzel and the peanut.”





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