Will Beyoncé salute the late Tina Turner at the Grammy Awards on Sunday?

The world lost a number of well-known musicians in the year since the last Grammy Awards, and one of the show’s executive producers hints that Beyoncé may be involved in paying tribute to one of them.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Raj Kapoor says this year’s in memoriam segment will include 16 minutes of performances and reveals there have been discussions about Beyoncé paying tribute to the late Tina Turner.

“We’ve definitely had conversations, and we know how much Tina and Beyoncé loved each other,” Kapoor says. While he didn’t confirm or deny that such a tribute would take place, he added, “The Tina Turner tribute will be amazing. We are really excited. It may be a little unexpected, but it’s going to be absolutely amazing.”

In 2005, Beyoncé performed “Proud Mary” in tribute to Tina at the Kennedy Center Honors. In 2008, they performed the song together on the 50th Grammy Awards. After Tina died in 2023, Bey’s mother posted footage on Instagram of the two greeting each other during rehearsals for the performance.

In addition to Tina Turner, other famous musicians who died in 2023 include Tony Bennett, Harry Belafonte, Burt Bacharach, Sinead O’Connor, Gordon Lightfoot, The Eagles Randy Meisner, Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell and Jimmy Buffett.

Kapoor also confirmed that Billie Eilish will perform her Oscar-nominated Barbie song “What Was I Made For,” which he says will be “simple, beautiful, and elegant,” and Billy Joel will perform his new single, “Turn the Lights Back On” — his first in 17 years — and at least one of his classic hits.

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