What the Jonas Brothers’ parents think when they watch their sons onstage

Think about what it must be like to have your kid become a stadium-filling pop superstar. Now think about what it must be like to have three out of four of your kids become stadium-filling pop superstars. That’s what the parents of the Jonas BrothersDenise and Kevin Jonas Sr., experience every day, and they’ve shared with People what goes through their heads when they see their sons rock thousands of fans during a concert.

“When they sing songs, especially the OG songs that everybody loves, I relive every emotion, every feeling,” Denise says. “I know where we were living. I know why they wrote the song. I relive it all. It’s so raw, but it’s so good. And I see how it affects everyone in a different way, and it just is so fulfilling.”

“When they sing, I often find myself just doing a 360, watching the fans and the guys and there’s such a love,” adds Kevin. “They have a very unique fan base and there’s such a love of the new, the old, but throughout it all, it is the soundtrack of their lives, but also they’re the heartbeat of their life.”

“I often find myself moved emotionally just watching it. So I’m very thankful that they’ve lasted these 20 years.”

JoBros will wrap up the 2023 leg of their The Tour December 9 in Brooklyn, New York.

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