Watch Olivia Rodrigo blow a young fan’s mind on ‘Recess Therapy’

Back in 2021, a young girl named Liv — short for Olivia — went viral for singing Olivia Rodrigo‘s song “good 4 u” on the web series Recess Therapy. But in the latest episode of the show, Liv comes face to face with her idol in the flesh.

Liv is asked by the host, Julian, if it’s OK if someone else joins the interview. That “someone” turns out to be Olivia, and you can see Liv’s head explode — metaphorically — as she realizes who sat down next to her.

Liv asks if she can come to Olivia’s concert; when Olivia says, “I have a ticket with your name on it,” the little girl asks incredulously, “You do?” Guess she’d never heard that expression before.

But the cutest part is when Julian asks Liv what she thinks of Olivia’s new album, GUTS.

“It makes me, like, stronger every time I listen to it,” Liv says. “Like women and girls can do anything that they dream to. I feel like I achieve more things than I would’ve done without listening to it.” 

Olivia replies, “I’m tearing up … that is the sweetest, most powerful thing ever. I’m just so happy that my music makes you feel that way. That is just everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.”

Liv tells Olivia that when she first encountered her music, she thought to herself, “This will be the best artist in the world and I bet when I’m older, I’ll meet her.”

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