Watch Ariana Grande’s dog eat off of one of her Spotify Billions plaques

Ariana Grande is the queen of the Spotify Billions Club, with more songs hitting 1 billion streams than any other female artist: 14 in all. In the latest episode of the Spotify Billions Club series, you can watch Ariana receive all 14 of those plaques and reflect on each song she earned it for.

“We have crammed so much into the last 10 years, and I am so grateful for the love and support of the people who listen to these songs,” Ariana says while admiring her plaques for hits likes “Side to Side,” “Dangerous Woman,” “7 Rings,” “positions,” “God Is a Woman,” “Rain On Me” and “thank u, next.”

During her trip down memory late, Ariana places a memento for each song’s music video in the middle of the silver bowl-like decoration in each plaque. For “No Tears Left to Cry,” she puts some of her dog Toulouse‘s food in there, to commemorate the fact that he was in the video — and he happily jumps up and starts eating it.

In an Instagram post about the Billions Club segment, she writes, “Filming this little episode was such a sweet little commemoration and gratitude meltdown, if you will !!!!! i wasn’t expecting to get emotional but it really, truly hit me! so much of my life has been spent doing this, with and for you all.”

“i must acknowledge that these numbers are something i’ll never really be able to wrap my head around,” she says. “you are people that i feel so held by and appreciate deeply. the most special part of all is experiencing so much beautiful human connection.”

“i’m so thankful for the memories we have made over the years and the goodness and sense of home we have found in each other!”

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