Watch Andy Grammer surprise fans with an in-person serenade of his new single “Lease on Life”

Andy Grammer has released his new single, “Lease on Life,” and he surprised some fans by debuting it for them in person — on their doorsteps.

In an Instagram video, Andy explains that the fans thought they were getting a special preview of the song via Zoom, but they didn’t know that he was streaming from inside a van and had actually driven to their homes.  You can watch as he tells them to come outside, and they start freaking out when they see Andy there in the flesh with his guitar, ready to play the song for them live.

“I am so starved for live shows I’m legit just rolling up to my fans’ porches,” he captioned the video.

As for the song itself, Andy says that it “speaks to the rare moments in life where I have clarity, where I feel like I’m on the top of the mountain and I can see for miles. I’m always trying to get there.”

“Sometimes nature helps, meditation, prayer or just time with my family,” he adds. “I need those reminders, we all need those reminders that there is more in front of us then behind us.”

“Lease on Life,” featured in an ad for International Hotel Group and its properties, has racked up 10 million YouTube views.  It’s the first single from Andy’s upcoming fifth album.





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