Watch a masked Adele promote her ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance with Kate McKinnon

Just one more sleep until we can watch Adele host Saturday Night Live this weekend, but you can see her in the promo now, along with SNL star Kate McKinnon and musical guest H.E.R.

All three women wear masks in the promos.  Adele is wearing a crushed velvet button-down top and is sporting long blonde hair — she really does look different from her last performance on SNL nearly five years ago, except for her signature cat-eye makeup, of course.

In the first promo, the three women do a “Who’s on first” routine, saying that “H.E.R.” will be the musical guest and then joking about which one of them is the “her” who’ll be singing.  At one point, Adele says, “Or maybe me?” which is giving fans hope that the singer might bless us with new music, in addition to appearing in sketches.

In the second promo, McKinnon attempts to do a British accent, but quickly stops, muttering, “I’m sorry, bad idea.”  Then Adele busts out an American accent, saying, “Ohmigod!  Don’t worry, girlfriend!” 

“Now that is good!” McKinnon laughs.

By Andrea Dresdale
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