Want to be more productive while working from home? Listening to Taylor Swift will help

If you, like many others, are working from home because of the ongoing pandemic and find yourself struggling to be productive, you should listen to Taylor Swift‘s music.

A new study from Voices looked into the kind of music that shakes the most motivation back into remote workers, and songs by Taylor were found to be the most effective. They based their findings on the Spotify API, which tracks what artists are being featured in what kind of playlists based off of key words.

Taylor was the artist most commonly found in playlists using key words like “focus” and “work.” As for her most popular work-from-home songs, the survey suggests the “Taylor’s Version” of the Red and Fearless albums are taking up the most real estate in people’s playlists.

Harry Styles is the second-most popular WFH artist, while Ed Sheeran comes in third. Rounding out the top five are, respectively, The Weeknd and Rihanna.

But, when it comes to who has the most popular WFH songs, the honor goes to Harry. His singles “As It Was,” “Watermelon Sugar” and “Golden” are respectively in first, second and fourth place. Glass Animals‘ “Heat Waves” comes third.

So why is pop music better to listen to than classical or jazz music? Apparently, peppy lyrics are pretty effective at dragging people out of the work-from-home doldrums. The study adds those working from home are turning to more energetic music to soundtrack their day.

Research has already backed up claims that listening to music during a task boosts one’s happiness, creativity and efficiency. Apparently, while lyrics are viewed as distracting in some settings, the research finds working from home is a little more monotonous — so listening to someone singing helps break up the static.

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